We bought Rosetta Stone Japanese.  While Sue has a command of English, Cantonese and Spanish, I struggle to remember my limited French.  I was convinced for years that I wasn’t good with languages.  I no longer believe that, but do understand learning as an individualized process.  I like to believe that if we moved to France, I’d be proficient/fluent within half a year.  So Japanese is a new priority.  While we have no confirmation that the JET Program will hire us, I think Japan is a relative certainty.  So far, Rosetta Stone is working on my visual instincts and challenging me to comprehend language as if I were a child being spoken to without the ability to have things defined for me.  I rather enjoy the process and don’t think of it as a chore.  As with anything, there are times of frustration and complete lack of understanding but I’m comfortable with the RS methodology.  They say the mind is a muscle and it needs to be exercised.  I’l let you know how my workout progresses!