Depending on who you ask, people say that either Sue Fan and John Becker will someday change the world OR their children will. Due to the fortunes that be, we are currently swimming in the warm, liberating waters of DINK Ocean. With no brood, these overly optomistic people putting undo pressure on the both of us will have to rest their crazed fantasies in our hands. We in no way believe that Desmund Tutu is going to call us for advice or believe that Amma is going to come to knocking on our door asking for a hug (although that would be pretty cool) or believe that His Holiness the Dalai Lama is going to defer his Peace Prize to us, but it’s all about baby steps. We all have to choose our lot in life. We have a pretty wonderful life of travel, exploration, and loving friends and family. We’ve learned by experiencing the world for ourselves; therefore shaping our global perspective. We try to share that by expressing ourselves visually through photography or giving back to communities. Our next adventure will not be yet another circumnavigation of the globe or a paddle through the waters of the Galapagos or bouncing around Central and South America. Nope. It’s going to be a documentary project and non-profit work in India and Nepal. What a way to go! Keep checking for updates on our past, present and future!