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I got on the E train at West 4th heading home from a seminar. When I stepped on the train, I think I was listening to “Welcome to the World” by Bobby Weir and Ratdog. There was something savory in the bass line, something bluesy in the guitar. The lyrics weren’t beautiful or poetic beyond measure, but they had heart. I wouldn’t concede that my musical taste is the highest form of absoluteness or that the tunes that fill my iPod would be considered classics to all. I think I can concede that, when I heard that song – like many songs – I felt that I wasn’t missing something. There wasn’t the emptiness of pop or the trendiness of hip-hop, the tragedy of emo or the angst of punk. All that was left was a feeling that a thought had been completed. An appreciation was born. A need to fill a void didn’t exist.

So how does this transpire to a new age of enlightenment? My thoughts that follow targeted the people surrounding me on that train, pondering their levels of consciousness.

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The inspiration for this meal came from the farmer’s market in Santa Barbara where I would get my fresh groceries every Tuesday and Saturday.  I was determined to create something with cauliflower and this is what transpired.  I am by no means a cook and have limited experience in every way, but for some reason this became a favorite of my roommate Damien and later my wife Sue Fan.  It’s gone through many different “tests” but the soul of the dish has always remained the same.  Just a little trial and error.  I recommend doing everything ‘to taste’ as I have no real measurements and it really takes on the flavor of the olive oil and the copious amounts of salt I use.  The end result is this cauliflower stir fry on a bed of couscous as pictured.  I took all these pictures as I was cooking this so you can see the amounts I used.  Dinner for two plus leftovers!

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